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Furrer, Gander, Rusconi

Beat Furrer Spur
Bernhard Gander Khul
Roberto David Rusconi De Materia Nigra et Obscura (world premiere)

Klangforum Wien Annette Bik violin Sophie Schafleitner violin Dimitrios Polisoidis viola Benedikt Leitner cello
Joonas Ahonen piano
Isobel Dixon poet - Dark Matters

King's Place 2, London, 26 June 2013

Music in the space time continuum

An inspiriting concert curated by Roberto David Rusconi [L], heard as sound with vision only - not pretending to understand the elaborate and obscure programme notes...

Klangforum Wien had not been in London for most of a decade, but we have reviewed their CDs often*, and Rusconi's music occasionally...

[Chromatico Finals: - - the (for me) most interesting piece, by SPNM's shortlisted composer Roberto Rusconi was his Chalong Temple, linked to his interest in the later spectralists.]

The Kings Place auditorium, well filled with new music afficionados, was darkened and the platform back and sides surrounded with black curtaining, which focused the sound, the strings senza vibrato throughout (interesting to note that one of Rusconi's many works is Frescobaldi Transcription VIII for string quartet - cue for a combined programme with late Renaissance music ?).

I was riveted from beginning to end of this remarkable event, which was puctuated after the interval with persuasive poetry reading by Isobel Dixon. The energy of the strings was characterised by broken bow strings thrashing around, and Furrer's piece by Ahonen's quiet virtuosity on the piano, with Rusconi turning over for him.

I hope there will be a better informed review, and an opportunity to hear again this amazing music which was being recorded at King's Place.

Peter Grahame Woolf