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Harps & Accordions at Royal Academy of Music
17 May 2012







A magnificent evening of instruction and entertainment at RAM, London.

Sioned Williams entranced harp students and public visitors who'd never heard of the great Parry.

She read her paper, but in so lively a manner you'd never think so, with a Welsh intonation and, too, a few readings in musical Welsh... The event was hugely enhanced with a visual commentary on screen provided by her husband, an exemplary use of technology. This lecture/recital would make a splendid video/DVD.

Straight on to an accordions spectacular (mostly Piginis) with proud Professor Owen Murray [pictured below R with two of his previous year's gifted students].

Some of them in this year's showcase are very young - all excelled in Scarlatti to Piazzolla and Lutoslawski (duos with violin and clarinet).

Unfortunately no photos were allowed of either of these most photogenic of instruments, to the surprise and disappointment of some of the students and of the Professor ...

Maybe RAM will relent for an important all-day accordions event next month, the Accordion Department's 25th Anniversary Celebration Sunday June 10th?

Peter Grahame Woolf