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Shostakovich, Debussy, Dubugnon etc

Shostakovich 24 Preludes Op. 34
Ravel Sonatine
Richard Dubugnon Sonate-Phonomophique No. 1 Op. 33 (UK première)
Debussy Estampes: Pagodes, La soirée dans Grenade, Jardins sous la pluie
Tchaikovsky Thème original et variations in F Op. 19 No. 6

Katya Apekisheva piano

15 September 2010

An accomplished pianist who latterly studied at the RCM, and recruited a vociferous support club for her Wigmore Hall appearance.

On paper, an attractive programme, but the Shostakovich Preludes would better have been split into two groups to begin each half? They were well characterised, but don't quite sustain complete performance as well as the Chopin model in all the keys.

Apekisheva is given to a colouristic wash of pedal, well managed, yet which slightly impairs the characterfulness of her playing; in few of the chosen pieces did she deliver fully memorable interpretations.

I was glad to hear the Dubognon novelty, which was put across convincingly. It is controlled structurally in a schematic way he has adopted, which we might better not have had described for us in so much detail?

A word of appreciation for the otherwise admirable notes, mostly by Richard Whitehouse; free, for a welcome change.

Peter Grahame Woolf