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Brahms, Mendelssohn & Schumann

Felix Mendelssohn - Cello Sonata No. 2 in D Op.58
Robert Schumann - Phantasiestücke Op. 73 - 5 Stücke im Folkston Op. 58
Johannes Brahms - Cello Sonata No. 2 in F Op.99

Colin Carr (cello) and Thomas Sauer (piano)

Wigmore Hall 26th April 7.30 pm

A programme to indulge the listener; two of the great romantic cello works encasing Schumann’s miniatures, ‘Phantasiestücke’ and ‘5 Stücke im Folkston’. Although seemingly small salon pieces, these works of Schumann are truly great music, requiring artistry of the highest standard.

Colin Carr, striking a Kreislerianan figure on stage, did not disappoint. He seemed to be in direct contact with the inner meaning of the music. Completely engaged emotionally, the cello became his voice; a beautiful rich voice with depth to its timbre. The music was suitably charged; he hardly paused for breath between movements of ‘Phantasiestücke’ and certainly heeded the direction ‘Mit Feuer’. The only mar to the performance was that high notes tended to be flat, and remained flat after shifting.

Thomas Sauer proved to be a sensitive chamber musician with his elegant playing. I felt he was at times too much the accompanist rather than an equal partner in the sonatas, and could have been more forceful to match Carr’s strong personality.

It was a warm, intimate performance, and although the Wigmore Hall is a magnificent concert venue, I would have loved to have heard thme perform in a smaller space, as would have been usual in the days of Brahms and Schumann.

Anna Michel