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Stefano Scodanibbio Reinventions

Quartetto Prometeo

ECM New Series 2072

This is a very special unique disc, achieving a late ambition of this famous double bass virtuoso and composer, who died in 2012 of motorneurone disease.

With Spanish and Mexican transcriptions, framed by three of Bach's Contrapuncti from the Art of Fugue, these arrangements or recompositions for string quartet, begin by reminding you of the etherial sounds of Mozart's glass harmonica. They concentrate on special effects, harmonics, sul ponticello and sul tasto, tempi generally slow so that they can be fuly savoured.

Something unique and a marvellous memorial, achieved on disc by the good offices of his friend Irvie Arditti, who writes a long introductory note, followed by a more technical essay from Paul Griffiths.

Beautifully played here with great sensitivity the disc makes for wonderful late night listening; if it is picked up by any of the radio disc jockeys on popular channels, they could become a vogue and a worthy one in the charts?

Recommended unreservedly.

Peter Grahame Woolf

See also our review of his Oltracuidansa for contrabass and 8-channel tape [Mode 225].