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Samaresh Chawdhury CDs were available at Bhavan's July 2013 concert.

On advice, I bought his Taan Rang Vol 2, well worth acquiring, with tracks in Ragas Anand Bhairov, Nayaki Kanada and Khamaj.

I regret that these all remain mysterious despite us having been listening to Indian classical music since the earlier days when Ravi Shankar (Chawdhury's guru [L]) and Ali Akbar Khan played and taught appreciation of their music in London, since when I have featured it in Music Web's Seen & Heard and Musical Pointers.

Regrettably the sleeve notes included are sparse, without a CD number or any information about their provenance and recording dates. The sound quality and balance is good on this CD; better than it was sound live at the London Bhavan.

Excellent sound samples can be enjoyed on Samaresh Chawdhury's own website.

Peter Grahame Woolf