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Phibbs: The Canticle of the Rose

Helen-Jane Howells, Navarra String Quartet, Alissa Firsova, Joanna Shaw, Michael Chance, James Boyd, Ben Alden, Andrew Plant


An interesting portrait disc in NMC's Debut series, with good performances by various chamber groups and by singers Ben Alden and Michael Chance. I was less taken by the longest and title item and with the singing of Helen-Jane Howells to obscure poems of Edith Sitwell (diction is always a particular problem for sopranos) - surely Walton had the first and last words on Sitwell?

Joseph Phibbs is a director of The Britten Estate Ltd. and I guess some of his music will been given at Aldeburgh; certainly it would sit well with Britten's own.

There are no recording details (other than in the caption L) nor about the artists.

Peter Grahame Woolf