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Godowsky, Weiner, Moszkowski, Wolf, Corelli, Mozart, Schubert, Paganini, Medtner, Scott.

Inna Kogan violin Tobias Bigger piano

EMEC E-071

A very special violin/piano partnership in a fascinating repertoire.

The Medtner Sonata No 1 (1910) caught my eye, and it is a precious rarity in a restrained style. Medtner is a composer who grows on you and the opportunity to hear it again is this disc's lynchpin.

There is nothing dull; many of the pieces are arranged by historic violinists and Tobias Bigger is a fully equal partner, also involved in the editing and translation of the comprehensive notes.

At has taken me along time to get through the large batch of CDs sent to me from Spain, this one of the last to get onto the CD player, and one that I shall return to and enthuse friends.

If you won't take my word that it is special, see them play Mendelssohn's "Frühlingslied" on YouTube & providing music at a wedding reception (poor sound but no matter !).

And do check out EMEC on MusicalPointers; it's become one of my favourite record companies...

Peter Grahame Woolf