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Haydn & Yamaha

Haydn: Piano Sonatas Volume 5

Jean-Efflam Bavouzet (piano)

Sonatas No. 15 in E major, Hob.XVI: No. 12 in A major, Hob.XVI: No. 37 in E major, Hob.XVI:
No. 54 in G major, Hob.XVI: No. 55 in B flat major, Hob.XVI: No. 56 in D major, Hob.XVI:42

Chandos 10763

Since more than half a century ago I enjoyed playing Haydn's sonatas far more than the more popular Mozart's.

Now Haydn has really come into his own with int├ęgrales of the symphonies from Esterhazy, and two wonderful recordings of the piano sonatas, from Tom Beghin on fortepianos (absolutely not to be missed) and Bavouzet's well under way on a modern Yamaha:

Others by eminent main stream pianists have left me dissatisfied - many on Steinways:
"we have been brainwashed into taking for granted that pianos should always be black and made by Steinway - - " [Andras Schiff].

Bavouzet's tone quality as recorded at Potton Hall is ideal and his is the modern piano set to be recomended above all others, "done with notable attention to clarity and texture: Bavouzet's articulation and scrupulous pedalling feel always in style, never anachronistic" [International Record Review].

I have only caught up with them belatedly and look forward to the boxed set which will surely follow completion of the project.

Peter Grahame Woolf