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Haydn Quartets Op 33

The London Haydn Quartet

Hyperion CDA 67953

The London Haydn Quartet is one of the most refined and expert quartets in Britain. It was a rare, uniquely engrossing recent experience to hear them in London in two of Beethoven's major late quartets together and they sounded marvellous from the Conway Hall Balcony.

They recorded the six Op 33 quartets over a generous six days last June at Wyastone Estate, and their special sound, with gut strings and period bows, was perfectly captured at Wyanstone Estate by Philib Hobbs.

There is a note explaining their pleasure in playing from the Amsterdam Schmidt edition (1782) with its "visual fluency" offering them a special delight.

The set is offered at half price, and so is a clear recommendation.

Peter Grahame Woolf