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Crumb, Lansky, Ruders & Starobin

New Music with Guitar - Vol 8

David Starobin, guitar etc

This is an important CD for everyone interested in the contemporary guitar or these composers, also for supporters of BridgeRecords, whose releases we regularly review.

We learn in the notes about the importance of David's wife Becky, Executive Producer and a central figure in the company's repertoire; she took this picture.

David offers his own pleasant variations on an early song by Nielsen, a composer who needs to be kept well in the forefront. Lansky's partita with percussion will be introducing an interesting young American compoer to many of our readers..

Ruders, a major composer of large orchestral works and operas, takes a rest between times by writing single page miniatures, often for friends. The Six Pages here are of that ilk.

George Crumb's Spanish songs are the latest addition to Starobin's commitment to this great composer, and Bridge's project to record his entire oeuvre.

These songs for voice with guitar and percussion to Lorca poems are elusive and need rehearing; full notes with texts and English translations are provided.

An essential purchase, recorded and presented to Bridge's reliaby high standard.

Peter Grahame Woolf