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A discovery!

This German composer (b.1963) has been featured in Wales by Jac van Steen and the BBC National Orchestra of Wales and by Ivan Hewett on BBC R3 (nla).

His music is strong in direct appeal in each of these two works, and the complex structural approach can be taken on trust.

The liner notes conversation with Stefan Lang is more about feeling and mood than technicalities. Apparently he is concerned with "the shadowy underside of human nature" but I don't think that needs to worry you or should put us off unduly.

Two big works of striking originality, which want to be heard twice, double the 47 mins whch might seem short measure.

Watch out for next opportunities or take a chance with this Capriccio CD which I treasure. There's little to be found yet on the internet other than from Schotts, his publisher...

Peter Grahame Woolf