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Bernstein, Brahms, Dvorak, Smetana etc

Quatuor Anches Hantees Vol 3 [62mins]

A great discovery, a group of French clarinettists which has gained acclaim the other side of the Channel, but so far not in UK.

Their huge success depends on exceptional refinenement of tone (never a high clarinet shriek !) and sensitive arrangements by one of their members, Bertrand Hainaut [R], and by Laurent Arundel.

They must have gone through hundreds of scores to find those that "work". Their sensitivity is breathtaking and they should certainly be invited to tour the UK conservatoires to show clarinet and woodwind students what is possible in chamber music for their instruments.

The refinement and subtlety of their account of the slow movement of Dvorak's over-played "American Quartet" arr.Hainaut (known as "the Nigger" in my younger days and on my miniature score !) has to be heard to be believed.

The next stage must be to commission new works from younger living composers; maybe that's begun?

For doubters, do explore their videos on YouTube 1 & 2, which display humour too...


Peter Grahame Woolf