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Adolf Busch Chamber Music for Clarinet and Strings

Avi-music.de LC 15080

An enjoyable CD of music by this quite prolific composer, who was far more famous as violinist and leader of the great Busch String Quartet *.

He played chamber music with friends for relaxation and his works include hausmusik (music for the home) of which there are several examples here, the most interesting the Duet in B-dur Op 26b for violin and clarinet. They'd go down well as an interlude in a chamber concert.

Most substantial, and delightful, is the 23 mins Serenade for String Quartet

Op 14. Recommended to string quartets seeking some lighter repertoire to include, say, in a concert with one of the major clarinet quintets?

Peter Grahame Woolf

*See review of Tully Potter's Adolf Busch - The life of an Honest Musician "one of the 20th century's greatest violinists, and one of its least-appreciated composers".