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Fasch Johann Friedrich
Heinichen Johann David
Handel George Frideric
Telemann Georg Philipp
Pisendel Johann Georg Tytu

Fasch: Concerto in D Major for violin, flutes, oboes, strings and basso continuo FWV L:D8 Heinichen: Concerto in A minor for violin, strings and basso continuo Handel: Sonata for orchestra in F Manor HWV 392 (arr. Pisendel) Telemann: Concerto in B-flat Major for violin, strings and basso continuo (Pisendel Koncert, TWV 51:B1) Pisendel: Concerto in G Major for violin, horns, oboes, bassoon, strings and basso continuo

Internatonal Baroque Players/Johannes Pramsohler


An expert, very smooth, account of Baroque concertos with varying instrumentations so as to ensure variety, all the composers with Dresden connections.

A mainly German group, so far as I could tell, but recorded in Oxford over a leisurely three days.

Good notes by the conductor, all pleasantly presented. Recommended.

Peter Grahame Woolf