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Two with Joby

Ensemble Bash
Bedford, D: Bash Peace Copeland: Breather Fitkin: Shard Hayes, N: Dance Play Leach: Echolalia McGarr: Sound Asleep Montague: Rimfire Skempton: Slip-stream Tippett, K: Dance of the Dragonfly

Signum SIGCD294

Powerplant - Joby Burgess, Matthew Fairclough, Kathy Hinde
Chain of Command: Graham Fitkin The Boom and The Bap: Matthew Fairclough 24 Lies Per Second:
Max de Wardener
Im Dorfe; White Ribbon; Piece for Tape (for Percussion):
Conlon Nancarrow Armed Response Unit: Dominic Murcott My Name Is:
Steve Reich
Until My Blood is Pure: Max de Wardener Im Dorfe [video]

Signum SIGCD313











We have kept up with Joby Burgess' career since seeing him with Janey Miller, oboe, as the New Noise Duo (2001 International Gaudeamus Interpreters Competition, Rotterdam), and this has been a decade's education towards the farthest reaches of percussion/electronics developments, forefronted by Powerplant; a journey which took me further than I'd imagined possible in my old age.

For general listeners, the Doll's House can be recommended unreservedly; far less 'bashing' than one might have anticipated ! These are mostly subtle pieces exploring timbre with individuality, a huge range of compositions in a variety of styles, recorded with state-of-the-art equipment by Steve Parr in July 1911.

The other is equally fascinating but more esoteric, each item's intention and techniques well explained in Joby's notes - he is a 21st C explorer at the edge. Do try to see Joby in action on your computer in the staged Im Dorfe video track, illustrated above (needs Quicktime 7 or later). Riveting !

Peter Grahame Woolf