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Krystof Maratka Chamber Works

Praharphona Sextet and Wind quintet

Dux CD: DUX0784

A Polish born composer (b.1972) based in Paris, Maratka has a rich imagination best experienced in his Praharphona Sextet, composed after (but performed before) the earlier harp concerto of the same name.

In this form, it deserves wide exposure and to be tackled by adventurous aspiring virtuoso harpists.

Praharphona Sextet is remarkable for the rich imagination shown in its eight sections, which Harry Halbreich attepts to convey in his rather abstruse notes in several languages.

See L how inscrutably the tracks are presented to us on the back of the slip-case. Wow !

The harp encompasses colourful textures with playing techniques of extraordinary novelty. The instumentation for the accompanying five players involves a percussionist who deploys slide flute, kazoo andmouth organ amongst some 20-odd instruments, a rich tapestry of sound.

It is coupled with a formidable "hypnotic" wind quintet in 5 Seances...

Krystof Maratka's is weird & wonderful rmusic that demands to be played at least twice to begin to grasp what it is all about.

Peter Grahame Woolf

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