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Schumann Complete Works for Piano and Orchestra

Konzertsatz for Piano and Orchestra in D minor

Theme and Variations for Piano on the name ABEGG, Op. 1(Version for piano and orchestra)

Concerto for Piano in A minor, Op. 54

Introduction and Allegro appassionato for Piano and Orchestra in G major, Op. 92

Concert-Allegro with Introduction in D minor, Op. 134 by Robert Schumann

Florian Uhlig (Piano) Deutsche Radio Philharmonie/Christoph Poppen


hänssler CLASSIC 93.264

An important scholarly release which puts in context one of the very best recorded accounts of Schumann's piano concerto. The biographical notes go beyond the usual exhaustive CV and tell us about this young musician's "curiosity for all facets of music", leading him to record several associated works of great interest and worth.

Only after listening with growing admiration (he is partnered superbly by a fine German radio orchestra and its conductor) to this oeuvre have I discovered that it is part of a larger project to include also all the solo piano works in an anticipated 14 volumes !

I look forward to the first of them which has two such Schumann “discoveries” disinterred in 2009 – the discarded Prestissimo possibly from the F minor Sonata, and a Romance in F minor.

Recommended with the greatest confidence even to those who have several recordings of the concerto already.

Peter Grahame Woolf

Schumann: Complete Piano Works Vol 3 & 4

Papillons, Op. 2 Papillon in F major, Op. 124 No. 3 (early version) Abegg-Walzer in F major Walzer in C major Valse in E major (fragment) Walzer in A flat major, Op. 124 No 15 Burla in G minor (fragment) Impromptu in D minor, Op. 124 No. 1 Scherzino, Op. 124 No. 3 Burla in F minor, Op. 124 No 12 Larghetto, Op. 124 No. 13 Romances (3), Op. 28 Albumblatt I in F sharp minor, Op. 99 No. 4 Albumblatt V in E flat major (for Pauline Garcia), Op. 99 No. 8 Marsch in D minor, Op. 99 No. 11 Abendmusik in B flat major, Op. 99 No. 12 Scherzo in G minor Intermezzi (6), Op. 4

Florian Uhlig (piano)

Hänssler: HAEN98646

My confidence (above) is amply vindicated in this marvellous recording of famiiar music (Papillons) and rarities including incomplete fragments.

Schumann fully justifies the extensive scholarly research under way, with Uhlig his ideal exponent. All that remains is exploration of Schumann on contemporary pianos of his time, equivalent to the revelatory work of Daniel Grimwood and Olivia Sham on Chopin and Liszt.

But there is a near monopoly situation, with "more than 1,600 concert artists and ensembles bearing the title Steinway Artist, which means that they have chosen to perform on Steinway pianos exclusively"; that must surely retard the development of wider understanding of the particular qualities of older grand pianos and of the music by composers who wrote for them.

Schumann: Faschingsschwank aus Wien, Op. 26 Blumenstück, Op. 19 Vision, Op. 124, No. 14 Blumenstück, Op. 19 opening fragment, early version Bunte Blätter, Op. 99 (selection) Arabeske in C major, Op. 18 Humoreske, Op. 20


Vol 4 has two favourites of mine, highlighted above. This series maintains its standard and will no doubt be re-issued as a boxed set in due course. Indispensible.

Peter Grahame Woolf