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Trombone grande
Music for bass sackbut around 1600

Frescobaldi, Zielinski, Monteverdi, Cabezon, Rognoni etc.

Wim Becu sackbut

Accent acc 24263 [recorded January 2012]

This wonderful new CD bids fair to become one of our baroque CDs of the year; perhaps sharing with the Atlante Caro Sposo DVD when that is released.

Recorded in the wonderful chapel at Elsenfeld, Antwerp, where we stayed for a memorable Polifonia Italiana festival in 2004, Wim Becu explores the range of marvellous little known 17 C music for his instrument, supported by cornetti, alto & tenor sackbuts, organ, harp, cello & citarrone.

There is no better disc to celebrate the development of early brass playing in the half-century since I was stunned in the 1960s by attending an early recording session by the cornetto pioneer Don Smithers.

Pictures (and especially moving pictures !) are worth many words, so click to see the excellent video from these recording sessions, and do not hesitate to purchase!

Peter Grahame Woolf