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Quartets D703 & 887

Wihan Quartet

Nimbus Alliance NI 6221




These are excellent studio accounts of over-recorded classics made in Prague's Martinu Hall, caught with excellent sound balance by engineer Ondrej Urban and just the right reverberation from the hall.

There is also a DVD of the Schubert String Quintet from there; see our review with a general survey of the Wihans' work in recital and recording - their playing is impeccable and virtually faultless whether live or from studio.

Would collector/readers like to suggest what the Wihans might usefully record next?

See choice of 25 versions of D887 at Amazon:

(Musical Pointers isn't into comparative reviews of standard classics.)

Peter Grahame Woolf


Schubert Rosamunde & Death & the Maiden

Wihan Quartet

Nimbus Alliance LC 5871

Something of an overkill from the Wihans?

They thrive on live recording and these are predictably good as usual, and should certainly sell at their recitals?

But do we (you?) really need another recording of these two?

It must be hoped that the Wihans will move on to lesser-known repertoire, perhaps bringing to our notice and appreciation some composers of their own country apart from Dvorak and Smetana who are well represented on disc.

Peter Grahame Woolf