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Mouton Missa tu es Petrus


Hyperion CDA67933

16th c renaissance polyphony can be difficult music to "get inside", which makes repetition via CD helpful. Stephen Rice and his 12-voice specialist Brabant Ensemble are real experts, evidenced also by Rice's own performance scores and comprehensive liner notes.

Taken just as music to enjoy, the sounds are a delight and grasping the intricate canons etc can be left for next time. The five-voice Mass setting Missa Tu es Petrus should "get" to listeners who enjoy, say, those of Byrd and are not too intimidated by the scholarship which informs most CD productions of music of the period..

The French priest and composer Jean Mouton (1522 - late 1450s) needs a fair amoun of textural variety in the selction of voices to hold attention. Those here include female ones in some of the motets to cope with high tuning.

Hard to review, but less so for an open-minded listener. Try it !

Peter Grahame Woolf