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Frederic Mompou

Piano Music Volume 2 - Discoveries - all unpublished in his lifetime

Impressions de muntaya Dues impressions Impressions sobre la vida d'un miner Impressions de la Garriga Impressions (5) L’eco Les hores Festa triste Dues Arabesques Les amigues retornen del Camp Serious fox-trot Tango Ball Pla Dues cançons Les fàbriques prop de la Platja Sis variacions harmonics sobre un tema popular 'La cançó d’en Jaumet' El camí del jardí 2 petits preludis Montseny Preludi Cançó i dansa del pessebre Record de platja Variacions ‘Aura-Mazda’ Fox-trot El plany del captaire Camins de sorra Dansa dels tres reis que han caigut del camell Estanys de paper de plata Pensament El pont de Montjuïc Romança Moderato expresivo Glossa sobre ‘Au clair de lune’ Fantasia sobre ‘Au clair de lune’ Prelude No. 11 (a Alicia de Larrocha) Prelude No. 12 Ballet Rideau Prélude Cortège de Belisa Variations des Hommes et Belisa Aubade Adage avec Belisa

Martin Jones (piano)

Nimbus: NI5877/9 [3 Discs - boxed set available for £16.07 from Amazon UK]

In 2008 when his apartment was being cleared out, three folders were unearthed filled with manuscripts containing Frederic Mompou's earliest compositions; most of these scores have now been published. The rest of this programme comes from the Bibliotheca Nacional de Catalunya’s Mompou Collection.

My interest in this composer - of mostly rather simple piano pieces - came from Luis de Pablo's admiration for his economy. And I have also seen some reviews such as MusicWeb's.

Besides the small piano pieces typical of this cult composer, there is a piano version of his Lorca Ballet Perlimplinada, which gives Martin Jones an opportunity to demonstrate more of his pianistic skill, which to be met in his extraordinarily large and varied discography for Naxos [e.g. .

At possible bargain prices (Naxos is always inexpensive !) worth considering, though I doubt that I shall be patient enough to play through all the 3 discs...

Peter Grahame Woolf