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Eisler Deutsche Sinfonie

This has been received for review; an impossible task for a non-linguist with not a word other than German to be seen; I guess that will apply too to the 30 other discs advertised on the back three pages of the slender booklet?

Surely the Brecht text (available in English on another recording) could be put out as a .pdf, if nothing else? Then, I'd review it!

The three orchestral sections (half of the whole) sound great!


Meanwhile read this Amazon review: - - this is one of those cases where you might not realize you were listening to one of the great works of the 20th century if you heard the wrong recording - - The power of the work is lost without Brecht's great poetry, and this Berlin Classics disc has only German. So if you take my advice and buy this disc, you are going to need to find the libretto somewhere! RH