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Katsaris plays Chopin Live

Piano 21 P21 043-N

This new recording on Cypien Katsaris' own label, distilled from various recitals, comprises a set of universal favourites judiciously garnished with lesser-known compositions .

It is bookended with several Preludes, Mazurkas & Nocturnes, and includes a couple of transcriptions by Cortot and Katsaris himelf.

The portraits above foxed me, but my wife tells me that the rather sinister looking figure in dark glasses and leather gloves is famous in the fashion world...

You'll have to look far for a CD which is such an enjoyable listen, and you won't find anything like this in the catalogues of the 'major labels'.

Peter Grahame Woolf






Photo from http://www.musicalpointers.co.uk/articles/generaltopics/CyprienKatsaris.html

Studio Photo © Karl Lagerfeld