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Open your eyes and ears
- Broderick & Carewe

New photography !

"Open your eyes" has an interesting repertoire (German song at turn of the 19/20th centuries) but for us the Champs Hill disc [Champs Hill CHRCD046] is marred by the singer's tendency towards shrill tone* and, fatally, by the lack of texts and translations.

Mary Carewe's for Orchid Classics [ORC 100021] is altogether more desirable, well known and lesser known items put across with flair in clearly enunciated English/English, with bright recording. I'd hoped she might have included something of the versatile composer and cabaret artist Richard Rodney Bennett, who died this last week, but I suppose he had become an American Englishman, so wouldn't figure in such a collection as Carewe's.

Her pianist Philip Mayers is an excellent partner.


Peter Grahame Woolf

*- - there are hints of waywardness in the top of Broderick's voice [Robert Hugill]

Paul Griffiths takes you through Carewe's composers, touching on a social history of the Cabaret style - much enjoyment and some considerable fun [Music Web].