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Pierre Boulez: Mémoriale & Dérive 1 & 2

Mémoriale for Solo Flute And 8 Instruments; Dérive I for 6 Instruments; Dérive II for 11 Instruments
Fabrice Jünger (flute)/ Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain/Daniel Kawka

Naive: MO782183

An impressive revisiting of Boulez classics. The virtuosic music has a vivid and colourful surface, but for non-musicologists it remains as inscrutable as ever, not really helped by the analytic notes supplied.

We are reminded that Dérive II, intended for Elliott Carter's 80th, took 20 years to complete; only Carter's extreme longevity enabled him to hear it in 2006, and he's still with us!

These are both difficult composers for ordinary listeners, but this production, recorded to modern standards, is all one can expect and should satisfy afficionados.

Peter Grahame Woolf