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Beethoven cello Sonatas vol II

Cello sonatas op 5/2 & 102/1; Horn sonata Op 17

Kristin Fossheim (fortepiano), Bjørn Solum (cello) and Steinar Granmo Nilsen (natural horn)


Excellent unfussy accounts of Beethoven chamber music on orginal instruments. The mixture makes for a good concert programme for listening straight through, which isn't the case with many intégrales sets.

Beethoven Sonatas vol I

Cello sonatas opp 5/1, 69 & 102/2

2L 2L7 [2002]

Received after Vol 1, and equally to be recomended, the two together adding up to a near-intégrale of Beethoven's music for cello.

Two fortepianos are used, a Walter/McNulty and an original Alois Graf (1825).

Interesting presentation; the cover illustration is one of three versions of a J C Dahl picture in Bergen.

Peter Grahame Woolf

For more information see also: http://www.2L.no
and watch

For best modern instruments comparison, and complementary interpretations, I'd strongly recommend buying also BEETHOVEN Complete works for piano and cello AVIE AV2103 * in which Menahem Pressler on his Steinway shows complete understanding of classical keyboard playing as developed by the authentic instruments movement.

Peter Grahame Woolf

* q.v. - - The gorgeous Potton Hall acoustic lends its aura to the playing - - detail and colour of both instruments is audible to the last drop of refinement - - a joy from beginning to end - - any fan of the kind of playing which helped make the Beaux Arts Trio one of the all-time finest teams in classical music will want this disc [Music Web].