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Samuel Barber, Hans Pfitzner, Kurt Weill

Sonatas for violoncello and piano

Quirine Viersen, cello / Silke Avenhaus, piano

Et’cetera KTC1315

A welcome change from the usual standard repertoire.

I have particularly vivid memories of Silke Avenhaus in chamber music, and she is the star of this disc, not to belittle Quirine Viersen, who is a fine cellist.

I may not be the best judge, because I liked the early Weill sonata far the best. Pfitzner can be heavy, and is so in the first two movements of his early sonata. But the quicksilver scherzo and the finale are treasurable.

Barber's sonata is a "repertoire" piece. I can't learn to love it, but again, Silke's playing kept me on course and the recording and documentation is fine. So, recommended.

Peter Grahame Woolf