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Alonzo King Lines Ballet
choreography by Alonzo King Lines

Triangle of the Squinches
Music Mickey Hart
Visual designer, Christopher Haas

Music Rimsky-Korsakov/Zakir Hussein

Robert Rosenwasser, visual designer
Dust & Light
Music: Corelli and Poulenc

TV Director Andreas Morell
arthaus 108 043 (San Francisco 2011;
160 mins; aspect 16:9)

This is a great company, bringing a new refreshing attitude to contemporary dance, concentrating on the dancers themselves, allowing them to bring out their own personalities and to play a sgreat part in the developments of their movements. All is explained and illustrated in a helpful 20 mins bonus track which shows the sympathy and affection between Lines and his dancers, some of whom have escaped from the rigours of classical ballet.

The "squinch" triangles, translated for home viewing by some wonderful filming, preserve a sense of theatre and of spontaneity in a huge stage area, dominated by some extraordinary props and settings.

Choosing the blu-ray version is recommended to see at their best the thicket of thin bungee cords through which the Squinch dancers emerge, tie themselves up and retreat.

No less remarkable are more solid, yet moveable, structures amongst which the dancers appear and climb [above R]. More miracles in the other items.

The original musical scores (partly based on familiar classics) are varied and excellent .

Peter Grahame Woolf

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