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GOSTA NYSTROEM Sinfonia del mare / Sinfonia breve

Malena Ernman (mezzo) Malmo Symphony/Konig

BIS CD-1682

A composer (1890-1966) with a large discography, Nystroem has never really caught on in UK, despite many recordings over the years. I preferred his more compact Sinfonia Breve (a sign of our times, maybe?).

At 20 mins, it should go down well as a concert novelty with a Prom or BBC R3 audience, but I'd doubt the viability of the c.37 min Sea Symphony.

Gramophone found Sinfonia Breve (which I preferred of the two here) " - - like so much of Nystroem's music, it is deficient in thematic vitality, its ideas poor and lacking real personality - - "

Rob Barnett of Music Web is a Scandinavian music expert and Nystroem enthusiast; about an earlier recording he wrote: - - greatest interest focuses on the Sinfonia del Mare. Of the three versions I have heard (Svetlanov's) is the best recorded; stunningly so. Catch the gruff bark of the trombones and the sheeny moonlit strings. Peerless - - .

You'd better sample the BIS series on the UK distributor's website.

Peter Grahame Woolf