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Capella Savaria - a versatile early music orchestra

1. La Primavera DLCD 178
2. Serenade DLCD 217
3. Amadeus (Mozart: Flute Concerto in D Major, K 314 – Andrea Bertalan) DLCD 224
4. Amadeus 2. (Mozart: Flute Concerto in G Major, K 313) DLCD 239
5. Haydn (200th anniversary) DLCD 327
6. Beethoven CSE-CD 002
7. Baroque Image (CD)
8. Baroque Image (DVD) CSE-DVD 001

Available from: rac.gabor@gmail.com & capellasav@gmail.com

New to me only last month upon chancing to receive for review a great Capella Savaria CD of Fasch & Graupner faschbassoon concertos - an instrument in which we have taken special interest - a large batch of this Hungarian ensemble/orchestra's discs sent for further study has been a revelation.

Before reading on, sample Capella Savaria's exciting playing in Biber...

It's been quite astonishing to discover the sheer number of Capella Savaria's CDs; they admit to difficulty with English, which may help to understand why most of our readers won't have come across them?

We Britishers are apt to think ourselves at the centre of musical developments (early and contemporary) and record reviewing in the main journals tends towards the parochial.

Their director is Zsolt Kalló, concertmaster, soloist and artistic director, who has a flair for finding the right tempo and balance and he shines as soloist from Vivaldi to Mozart and in Beethoven's violin concerto.

Since freeing themselves from the repertoire reuirements of major record companies, they have developed mixed programmes on their own label, such as their Baroque Image (Corelli, Vivaldi, Bach, Biber and Hungarian Dances). These are, at the least, sound accounts of a nicely varied repertoire.

This is available as CD or DVDS; go for the DVD - you may be less than thrilled by the over-enthusiastic multiple-screen shots, but those soon settle down. Before long you begin to feel that you know these players, which stands you in good stead for enjoying the CDs.

For Haydn's 200th death-day in 2009 there is the serious "Trauer" symphony and the exuberant Symphony Concertante featuring the group's oboist cellist and bassoonist with Kallo leading from the violin, and with brave natural trumpets to support the festive atmosphere, separated with a delectable account of his 11th fortepiano concerto (yes, the 11th !!) by Tamas Szekendi; the players on this disc photographed and named here:

Amadeus features the Violin Concerto K 219 and the D major Flute Concerto, with the delectable Andrea Bertalan.

Primavera, celebrating their 20th anniversary, has Kallo in Vivaldi's Spring, a Corelli Concerto Grosso featuring solo violins & cello, and a captivating Bach D minor concerto with harpsichordist Tamas Szekendi (seen above) - light and perfectly balanced, a competitor with any of its many recordings. Telemann's double concerto has recorder with baroque flute, a delightful combination.

Their distinguished Beethoven disc is a serious contender in the Violin Concerto stakes, there being few of the over 250 recordings which are historically oriented; Kallo includes both Romances as pendants, and cleverly begins with a persuasive Coriolan Overture, whose quiet pizzicato ending leads nicely (without applause to break the spell) into the piano tympani taps which begin the concerto.

Explore and enjoy!

Peter Grahame Woolf

Discography: http://www.capellasavaria.hu/index.php?p=page@content&pid=12


Corelli Concerti Grossi Op 6, 1-12

Avison Ensemble

Linn CKD411 [c.£13, 2012]

If you need all twelve Corelli concerti (with the whole of his chamber music to follow) then the Avisons are the people for you. They came down from Newcastle to record these in London, and Philip Hobbs does a good job.

Unfortunately S D I Fleming's liner notes (taken from standard reference sources ?) don't individuate the concertos for us beyond telling that all of them are highly refined and that No 3 ends with Corelli's longest fugue, No 4 has a tumultuous coda, and the Allemanda has a virtuoso cello part. Not good enough to persuade me that an intégrale is required.