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Vivaldi: L'Estro Armonico Op 3
Accademia Bizantina/Ottavio Dantone

Arts 476-8 47646/47


This magnificent release comes in two volumes, illustrated from the CD Universe website, where you can sample many of the tracks.

It can be welcomed unreservedly. Doubtless, string groups will continue to play and record Vivaldi's twelve concertos L'Estro Armonico for one, two and four violins, until the end of time, but there is no need to look elsewhere.

We are not uncritically devoted baroque fans, and can admit having tired of this sort of music from time to time, but these performances, taken two concertos at a time, have kept us delighted for most of a week, listening to them on large hi-fi equipment in the sitting room and, equally, heard from a pair of excellent small Jamo miniatures in the kitchen/dining room.

We do not own a SACD player so cannot vouch for the claimed enhanced experience in multi-channel surround sound, nor imagine that the musical satisfaction from Dantone's specialists would thereby be significantly enhanced. (Musical Pointers would welcome reports from a reader so privileged?)

Peter Grahame Woolf