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Antonio VIVALDI Virtuoso Impresario

Vivaldi: A Tale of Two Seasons
Concertos & Arias

Violin Concerto, RV 191 in C major 1733 Quel rossor che in volto miri (from Montezuma) 1733 In mezzo alla procella (from Motezuma) 1733 Concerto In B Flat Major RV 367 1733 Concerto for Violin "Il Grosso Mogul" in D major RV 208 1717 Ferri, ceppi, sangue, morte (from L’incoronazione di Dario) 1717 Io sento in questo seno (from Arsilda Regina di Ponto) 1717 Sentirò fra ramo (from L'incoronazione di Dario) 1717 Sinfonia to L'Incoronazione di Dario RV719 for strings & continuo 1717

Adrian Chandler
(violin, director) & Sally Bruce-Payne (mezzo-soprano)
La Serenissima

Avie 2287

Another admirable release (2013) in a fine series, recorded in Adrian Chandler's own edition. I have played it through twice with great enjoyment.

Sally Bruce-Payne's mezzo is a particular pleasure, and her elaborate decorations of the vocal lines contribute to the excitement of the arias from near-forgotten operas.

The production of the booklet is comprehensive and impeccable, with none of the repetitiveness noted in the case of the earlier one reviewed below.

Since then, we have been enjoying Chandler in master-classes at Greenwich.

Peter Grahame Woolf


Concerto for violin, strings and continuo RV370 viv

Arias for soprano from La Costanza trionfante degl'amori e de gl'odii RV706

Concerto for violin, 2 violoncellos, strings and continuo RV561
Concerto/Sinfonia in e for strings & continuo RV134
Concerto senza cantin RV243

Arias for soprano from La Fida ninfa RV714

Concerto for violin, strings & continuo RV254

La Serenissima director/violin Adrian Chandler

Mhairi Lawson Soprano

Avie AV 2128

This is a CD with a distinctive 'personality'; feisty playing and singing, exciting virtuosity in the concertos, with one of the dazzling cadenzas composed by Chandler according to the 'improvised' manner of the time. There are some oddities to grab the attention. RV561 is one of a group to feature two cellos. RV243 has the solo violinist play without using his E-string, and with the bottom string tuned up a tone; a scordatura effect more often associated with Biber.

The Scottish singer Mhairi Lawson goes to her arias with a will, and the mixture (5 concertos and 5 arias) is just right. Words and translations and full documentation, nicely illustrated. But thoughtless to have photos of the leader and singer both supplied thrice with the tri-liingual CVs.

Peter Grahame Woolf