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David Stanhope plays

Bach/Busoni Prelude and Fugue in E flat
Chopin Study Op. 10, no 5
Godowsky Studies on Chopin's Studies, Op. 10, no 5
Chopin Study Op. 25, no 6
Godowsky Studies on Chopin's Study Op. 25, no 6
Godowsky Passacaglia (on the theme from Schubert's Unfinished Symphony)
Beethoven/Liszt Symphony no 8


Tall Poppies TP135

Tall Poppies "a connoisseuse-run labor of love"

This is a curiosity received in the same batch as Tall Poppies' complete Debussy piano music.

The wealth of talent in Australia is mind boggling, and many of their best composers and musicians are unknown over here.

Down under, David Stanhope is a leading conductor who "occasionally is able to find time to practise the piano". So, with total insouciance and complete aplomb, he recorded (also on a Stuart & Sons instrument, illustrated) music by Godowsky which Horovitz gave up upon, "hopeless, it needed six hands to play it".


This interesting, but unquestionably controversial, disc makes a strong case for Godowsky, and puts to rest misunderstandings about his Chopin studies arrangements. Stanhope also plays Liszt's transcription of Beethoven's Symphony No 8, for which a conductor "is rarely able to give more than a routine performance" because of the vicissitudes of rehearsal time. The pianist "has much greater control" - - "one loses orchestral colour but gains subtlety". Whatever that situation away from the great metropoli (the plural is metropoli, metropoleis or metropolises!) do try to hear Stanhope and decide for yourself.


Peter Grahame Woolf