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“Song of Songs”
Laudibus conductor Mike Brewer

Walton: Set me a seal upon thine heart
Bourzignac: Surge, amica mea
Skempton: Rise up, my love
Jackson: I am the Rose of Sharon
Grier: Dilectus meus mihi
Dunstable: Quam pulcra es
Palestrina: Descendi in hortem meum
Victoria: Vadem et circuibo civitatem
Daniel-Lesur: Le cantique des cantiques

Delphian DCD34042
[66 mins]

Solomon’s Song of Songs can lay claim to constitute the greatest love poems in the world, and as such have proved a magnet for composers throughout the ages.  This anthology spans a period from the fifteenth century to the present in a surprisingly homogenous sounding mix. 

Rapturous beauty is probably the phrase that best sums up the over all effect, with splendid, warm voiced singing from the choir. 

Each listener will find their own favourites.  Mine would be Howard Skempton’s cycle of four songs, and in particular How fair is my love with its velvety deep sounds.  All in all it adds up to a very pleasurable hour’s listening.

Serena Fenwick