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Sigyn Fossnes: violin

Einar Henning Smebye: piano
Einar Fjcervoll: eraser

Mark Adderly: Tightrope Walker
Sven Lyder,Kahrs: Da Lontano cosi vicino
Ole Henrik Moe: Eraser;'s Edge
Jon 0ivind Ness: Dead Kitten in the Trash
Henrik Hellstenius: Book of Songs 1
Dag Egil Njaa: Morphogenisis

Aurura: ACD 5036

Sigyn Fossnes, who studied at the Norwegian Academy of Music and in London at the Guildhall of Music aand Drama, is on the frontier of the Norwegian contemporary Scene, a specialist on Scelsi and a dedicated commissioner of new violin music. All but one of the works on this recording have either been written for, or premiered by Sigyn Fossnes.

These composers, born from 1960-1969, exemplify the diversity of style and international influences of their generation. Adderleyrelates his modernist idiom to Messiaen; Kars numbers Ferneyhough and Nunes amongst his mentors, and his whspering, sighing textures are integrated with a tape track'brought together as a single entity'. Ness gives "a short and sad chapter" from his musical diary; about a still born kitten... Hellstenius's extended piece is the most obviously beautiful; a Grisey pupil, his 'spectral' approach has taped reinforcement. And Njaa has live interaction with his computer building to a fine climax; every performance different, "a work in which man and machine truly communicate".

A greatly rewarding aural journey and a violinist who should be lured back to the Guildhall and be offered opportunities to display her artistry in London (and perhaps Huddersfield?).

As with all the Aurura discs, superb recording and presentation, with good text and translation in clear print, and interesting photography (Eli Berge).


© Peter Grahame Woolf