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Anders Hultqvist/Olle Adolphson

Tiden far i träden - Time passes in the trees; a requiem (2003)
Ge mig den kärlek som krävs - Give me the love

Rilkeensemblen, Musica Vitae and soloists

Footprint Records, FRCD 025
[purchase from Swedish Music Shop]

This is a pleasing CD from Sweden with texts from the Latin Mass counterpointed with poems by O Adolphson dealing with nature and religion, in "images and metaphors related to deeply existential issues".

Anders Hultqvist incorporates songs and poems by Olle Adolphson into the form of a traditional Requiem, his poetic texts which "center on memory and the transitory characther of life, often against a backdrop natural lyricism".

It is honest music, not shatteringly original, but with a calm, pastoral truth, the sense of short days and long nights, and passing youth all pervading. The second work, which may appeal more to followers of folk and "world music" features Olle Adolphson, "the only real Troubador" of the day. A Scandinavian Winter's Journey is based on the slow movement of Beethoven's 7th Symphony; its text with "slightly overdone self pity", writes Hultqvist.

The CD is worth considering for its exceptional production values, lovingly compiled notes, texts and illustrations; a beautiful object to handle and peruse and a pleasure to hear. Unfortunately I have not located any sound clips.

© Peter Grahame Woolf