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Composers in the Loft
Ricardo Lorenz, Carter Pann, Pierre Jalbert, Stacy Garrop, and Vivian Fung

Cedille CDR 90000 100

Here is a release of commissioned works by former composers-in-residence of Chicago’s Music in the Loft series — four of them in world premiere recordings.

It makes for diverting and pleasant listening, and each of the pieces would be enjoyable elsewhere if taken up by chamber groups, but it is middle of the road, audience pleasing stuff; nothing to frighten the horses!

Interesting to note that Cedille Records, founded 1989 and regularly recommended on these pages, is an "independent nonprofit classical label". I fear that a number of independent labels can be described thus, though not by choice...

The performances and their recordings are of high quality, and the pieces would each go well played on UK radio. But I cannot really recommend it as an essential buy for contemporary music collectors. Full details including notes and sound samples are yours at the click of a button: https://www.cedillerecords.org/100.html

A follow-up release is promised next year, The Billy Collins Suite, settings of poems by a former Poet Laureate of the USA.