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ISCM World New Music Days Switzerland November 2004

The festival itself consists of around 30 concerts relating in some way to the "trans-it" theme. As used at WNMD2004, the term "concerts" ranges from orchestral concerts, ensemble concerts, solo appearances and electronic concerts to happenings, installations, performances, virtual projects, etc in cities and towns throughout the country, linked by a eleven festival towns are linked by a Sound Train, running as a special train. An encounter and information platform for festival-goers, delegates from all over the world, festival partners and their guests, and media representatives, it also offers opportunities for interesting musical experiences.

The detailed programme is available on line at http://www.wnmd2004.ch/english.html
and it promises to be a unique and exciting festival experience.

World New Music Days 2004__Postfach 8074 __CH 8036 Zürich__Tel: 0041 (0)1 242 28 82__Fax: 0041 (0)1 242 28 83__Email: info@wnmd2004.ch

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