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Toccata Classics


Toccata Press

We have received for review a large box of CDs and books from Martin Anderson, his record label "dedicated to producing recordings of top-notch classical music that the concert halls and major record companies ignore". It is a genuinely unique enterprise, with membership arrangements for discounts, well worth exploring for music lovers who prefer discovery than ever-new CD versions of standard repertoire.
(For another label with a clear and unique identity I'd suggest looking at K&K Verlagsanstalt's website.)

Toccata's catalogue is an eye- and ear-opener (lots to listen to on-line) and we will review many of them as time allows, adding links on this page:

Prior Velesslavitsa concerto (Northern Sinfonia/Alexander Prior & child soloists)

Jadassohn Piano Trios (Syrius Trio)

Gernsheim Piano Quintets

David Matthews String Quartets Vol 1

FARKAS Wind Quintets, with soprano, violin and double-bass soloists

Phillip Ramey piano music

Herzogenberg Piano Music (Goldstone and Clemmow)

Tovey Symphony in D

Brian songs

Telemann Cantatas Vol 1

Goldenweiser (Jonathan Powell)

Martinu and the Symphony (Michael Crump) Book review

Ester M├Ągi Orchestral Music