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Music on the Internet - Brahms & Haydn

Today has been an exciting day for catching up with new(ish) developments in access to classical music likely to interest Musical Pointers readers, following close on the heels of NMC's 20th birthday and SPNM's New Notes taking to the Web for the convenience of contemporary music enthusiasts:

In the morning, researching background to review a special performance of the Brahms piano quintet, I discovered:

1. That there were five live performances of it to hear on an American website which was new to me, and also I found its score in an early edition easily accessible from a site which has a huge library of classical music scores out of copyright and available for free downloading.

2. I received for review from Nimbus a set of 8 CDs, in two compact boxes, with all 104 Haydn Symphonies plus several concertos etc, in a 37 hours of music 8 disc MP3 Box Set, complete with all the texts of associated essays to read comfortably...

Instead of my reprinting those reviews here, I urge you to click onto the two links below, and those above, and we look forward to some feedback from readers who have pursued them:



The bargain of the Haydn tricentenary year !

Peter Grahame Woolf
9 March 2009