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Mozart Uncovered

BBC Four 21 January 2011

This is one of best music/educational TV programmes I have ever seen. Transmitted on BBC Four last night, it can be seen on BBC iPlayer for seven days.

I have downloaded it, which extends the availability to 30 days.

Charles Hazlewood became known to us through the greatly admired Broomhill Opera which he directed, resident at Wiltons Music Hall 1999-2004.

With an orchestra of familiar faces on the Early Music scene, led by Pavlo Beznosiuk (who possibly brought them together) Hazlewood takes us through the intricacies of Mozart's G minor Symphony, which was one of the first great classics to fire my dormant enthusiasm for music in wartime boarding school in the 1940s (an HMV plum-label 78 rpm shellac disc, conducted by Walter Goehr, father of composer Alexander). Until yesterday, I had never quite recaptured the excitement of that discovery, whch is imprinted on my now fragile memory.

Hazelwood takes us through the structure, enthusing about its originalities, speaking with disarming fluency (no sign of a tele-prompter) giving meaning to those features which engaged my interest those long decades ago without understanding why, and presenting them with an unsurpassable vividness and style.

The programme is presented without formality and should help to woo some younger listeners into the world of classical music.

On the TV there was a "red button" option; I have not yet discovered whether it is available on the download?

Peter Grahame Woolf

abrsm forum: - - Did you have the interactive with the structure of all the movements shown in a mini graphic score type thing, with colour coding for different keys, with flashy things showing which bits of the piece were repeated when! Also, really informative programme notes, explaining techniques and effects Mozart used!