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Luis de Pablo on CD









Luis de Pablo with Peter Woolf (Bilbao, 1999

Now enjoying his Indian Summer, with protracted celebrations since his 75th birthday last year, Luis de Pablo (b. March 1930) continues to fulfil a busy programme of commissions, composition master classes, and attendances at international premieres worldwide - excepting UK !

The portrait of Luis at home in Madrid from the first CD [ADDA AD 184, 1990], is still as good an introduction to this composer as any. Receipt of two more CDs of his music for review prompts a further overview to follow my earlier recommendations in Music Web.

The first of those is a monographic collection of music from 1977 to 2000 [BBK 13, Bilbao] - his earlier music is under represented on disc making the inclusion of Saturno (1983) for two percussionists (so I think) particularly welcome. There's the rub; the presentation, without texts of the vocal items, is appalling and parochial, with notes only in Basque and Spanish, so it can only be recommended for avid collectors.

Luis de Pablo's recording are scattered amongst a multitude of mainly small companies around the world, and some of them are not easy to come by.

Likewise, de Pablo has not always been wellserved by publishers - latterly he is with the Italian Edizioni Suvini Zerboni, which has opened a Luis de Pablo website (to date only in Italian). They have no British representative, which is why I had tried to fill the gap.

My first illustration is of CDs in my collection devoted exclusively to Luis de Pablo's music.

The other CD which has reached me [Ensemble Solistas de Sevilla SA01147] is shared with the deceased composer Francisco Guerrero, whose Zayin had particularly impressed me.

It includes the third recording on CD of Segunda Lectura, which was included by the London Sinfonietta in that de Pablo weekend in Huddersfield.

Few works by Spanish contemporary composers achieve CD recordings in France, Canada as well as in Spain - a significant measure of de Pablo's international stature.

My other illustration indicates the wide selection of CDs in which Luis de Pablo's music is shared with other composers. A rich selection to quarry, but you won't find many of them in record shops...

Luis de Pablo's is a remarkable case of an internationally renowned senior composer, a declared Anglophile who was once regularly featured in London's long-defunct Almeida Festival, but is virtually ignored here since I sponsored his visit to the Huddersfield Festival in 1998. Efforts to achieve an invitation for him to teach at the Royal Academy of Music, long projected, have so far come to nought.

Without continuing live concert exposure and promotion by record companies musicians and composers can quickly become forgotten; if any readers care about Luis de Pablo, I should be glad if they would make themselves known to me with comments which I should be delighted to publish.

Peter Grahame Woolf

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