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Destruction during Renovation - the Cutty Sark

Having recently been persuaded to publish obituary comments about the scarcely unexpected death of Rostropovich at 80 (Musical Pointers has not embarked on previews and obituaries) I feel prompted to write something about the firing to near destruction of the Cutty Sark in Greenwich. Yesterday it felt like a death of a close relative; we live close to the great ship, which is berthed next door to Trinity College of Music in its grand historic home built by Wren, Webb and Vanbrugh, and walked past it (shrouded in protective covering) only the day before. But a day on we have learned that all is not positively lost; being an iron ship, not everything was reduced to a charred mess, and many of its important artifacts had been removed to safe storage during the work in progress.

From a musical point of view, this tragedy was a reminder of an innovative series held aboard ship, and I take this opportunity to reproduce below my report of that pioneering event by Psappha, a season of concerts about the Sea which they gave on the Cutty Sark - hawling a grand piano down into the ship for the purpose!

Musical Pointers joins the nation's prayers for a positive outcome from this disaster.

Peter Grahame Woolf